You've found the Transformational Change you’ve been seeking in your Business… 

…the one that could Solve Everything

…Maybe you don't feel like you have the capacity to reach it right now, with the resources you currently have at your disposal. The good news don't have to stay stuck any longer. It's time for you to start enjoying the results of the properly executed change you know you need.

Change Management Consulting

Are you feeling lost in the process of effective change management in your business? Organisational change involves many moving pieces. It takes an outside perspective and specialised insight to identify the action needed to shift the problem you're currently stuck with. It's so much easier when we work together from a broader prospective.


Women Leadership Development

You see the clear benefits of having more women in senior roles and you want the women in your organisation to feel valued as equal to their male counterparts. You know you need support in creating the kind of environment required for your women employees to perform at their best. I can help you to evaluate your current approach and run workshops tailored to your organisations culture, to implement the changes needed to help your women to thrive.


Mentoring for women

Do you have a business or career dream but you're feeling a bit lost as to where to start? Do you want more from your career, but you're lacking the conviction to achieve what you know you're capable of? The biggest barrier to success for so many female entrepreneurs is a lack of confidence. The good news is - it can be overcome when you have the right support.

I'm a firm believer in having it all!



You get my support one day per month to help hold you accountable to achieving your goals and to challenge your decision-making on the road to higher levels of performance. Investing in my attendance during your monthly board/strategy meeting gives your organisation the opportunity to stretch what you're currently capable of.



I’'m Helena Stone, a Change Management Consultant with more that 20 years of experience managing change in the workplace.

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“Just because it hasn’t been done before doesn’t mean it can't be done.”


I'm Helena Stone, a Change Management Consultant with more that 20 years of experience managing change in the workplace for start-ups, private sector and professional services firms like PriceWaterhouseCoopers and law firms.

I specialise in listening to your problem or desire to achieve something new and devise a leading-edge solution, that'll improve your business performance that identifies opportunity in whatever challenge or problem you're currently facing.


I'll bring the clarity you need to produce measurable results.


Shine Light on the Problem

Maybe you know you need change but you don't have the resources to understand the problem at a deep enough level to transform it. I know you're capable of so much more. What you need is a practical strategy that can optimise your efforts and take your performance to a new level. I deliver impactful change strategies for businesses, teams, employees, entrepreneurs and for large multi-national corporations with thousands of employees.


People. Process. Technology.

Empowered employees, working with streamlined processes, using technology that is doing its job with efficiency, that's the change you're seeking. Whether it's a new strategy you need, or a re-alignment of your exiting strategy, I'll connect the dots between your employees, your leadership and your clients, to make sure that your transformational change creates an outcome that works for everybody. 


Move Through Resistance

No matter how resistant you or your team might be to the transformational change you know you need, there is always new possibility with the right approach.


A Personal Approach

Managing change in the workplace can bring up anxiety and struggle. It can be a complex and disorienting process. That's why I value and nurture the personal connection needed to leave you and your business feeling like you're being well taken care of, listened to, respected and that you’re an important contributor to the process. 



From nurturing stakeholder relationships to streamlining the delivery of the day to day services you provide to both your employees and your clients, my secret weapon for managing change in the workplace - in even the most resistant of environments - is to create a shift in mindset, first and foremost.


The rest is easy. 


As a Member of the Chartered Institute of Personal Development with a BSc (Hons) in Psychology, the one strategy I know that best creates successful and impactful change within any-sized business is to get your people on board. 

  • When you and your team are equipped with a clear and cohesive vision, transformative change can come so much more easily. 
  • When you invest in women leadership development, you enhance engagement, build trust within your teams and remove the barriers preventing women in your organisation from performing at their highest level. 
  • When you take care of the systems, the company culture and the leadership, your bottom line will provide you with a clear measurement of your results. 

Are you tired of coming up short on the changes you need to make in your business?

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