Change Management Consulting


My strategy is big-picture oriented, people-centric and results focused. 

I let my results speak for themselves.


Are you in need of an outside perspective to develop a fast, strategic solution to your pressing organisational problem? 


Do you know that better results are possible, but you're stuck, or simply don't have the time or resources to reach the outcome you desperately need?


Are your systems, technology or processes holding you back or costing you too much, and are you ready to boost your bottom line with some streamlining?


Is there friction within your company culture that's preventing your people from performing at their best? Do you need to shift mindsets and procedures to up-level your teams output?


From improving your teams’ performance to boosting your business’s bottom line…it's lasting change you're after.


Change can be tricky to navigate, no matter how large or small, how new or well established your company might be. I've got two decade's worth of experience in senior roles overseeing organisational change and HR strategy for large corporations like PwC, so I’ve got a specialised viewpoint that takes all moving parts into consideration. 


When you bring me on board, I come with the benefit of an outsider's perspective, combined with the extensive know-how and a strategic approach to change management that's rooted in talking to clients, employees and stakeholders alike, to get a clear picture of what needs changing - or perhaps simply adjusting and re-aligning. 


Together we'll work towards greater productivity, improved performance and increased value, with efficient and well integrated technology. You’ll also have crystal clear clarity on what you need to do moving forward. 


Work with me to transform your business, STRATEGY, processes, systems and financial outcomes to deliver clear results.


board MEETINGS - 3 Month+ Package

You get my support one day per month to help hold you accountable and to challenge your decision-making on the road to achieving your goals. Investing in my attendance during your monthly board/strategy meeting gives your organisational change a chance to succeed to a high level.   


To discover how I can help you, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH.