I'm passionate about supporting women to fulfil their potential. 


Do you know there's more to life than being underpaid and under-appreciated and you're ready to find a better way?


Do you have big business dreams but you're experiencing setbacks on reaching the outcomes you know you're capable of?


Are you lacking a clear business strategy, or the confidence to execute?


Have you been overlooked for promotion again and you're looking to transition from employment to entrepreneurship? Would you like some strategic guidance to make the move smooth and successful?


I’m a woman who believes in having your cake and eating it too. Especially when it comes to business.


I've seen, time and time again, the one thing that seems to be holding so many women in business back, the one thing that, when put right, can make the difference between a mediocre performance and huge success - it's confidence. 


A lack of confidence will hold you back from making a plan to execute your ideas. It'll delay the action. It'll shift your focus onto all of the obstacles and reasons why you can't achieve your goals in life and business. But when it's properly dealt with and you go out into the world with everything you need to embody a feeling of confidence (which can consist of strategy, mindset shifts and support)…there's no business a woman can't execute successfully. 


It's exciting. As women in leadership pave the way for more to follow, we grow a stronger community of women in business, we deepen our understanding of our needs and we hone our proficiency in generating the kind of support we need to grow and thrive together. 


Whether you're looking to build a business with more time, more flexibility, or more income, or you're looking to create more balance between your business and your family time – let's have a chat about how working with me as your business mentor can support you to create the ideal career that works for you. 


"Helena has an all round wealth of knowledge which has helped me with my business plans.

She constantly helps me think outside the box and encourages me to aim high. Helena has a warm, empathic approach and is good at building relationships.

I never feel judged and understand results only come with consistency and hard work. Helena has helped me break down big tasks resulting in them feeling more manageable.

I always feel a sense of confidence and that my goals are achievable after every session."

Karen Hartley, Counsellor


You can build a life and career that answers to your unique needs.

You can achieve results you never thought possible. 


CONTACT ME to find out how I can help you.